Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Why is global warming happening?
I'll tell you why because people are burning unhealthy chemicals and it causes to burn even a bigger hole in the ozone layer,some of the chemicals that are being burned and destroying the earth are limestone,plastic,etc. The green house affect is the rise of temperature that the earth expieriences because certain gases are being exposed. Why are the polar bears dying? Because the ice is melting and when the ice melts it causes the polar bears to not have any land too live on,so they are going to end up becoming exstinct. How many CO2 emissions are givin off?
At least or about 1000 gases. How can we help against global warming? By reducing,reusing, and recycling.You can help by unplugging stuff thats not being used,don't let water run while you are brushing your teeth,simple things like this can change our future and the future of our kids.

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  1. Great post, Danny but what about the link to the BAD website?