Monday, November 2, 2009

digital footprint.

A digital footprint is about what other people think about you,like if you put pictures of you on Myspace or Facebook and you were drinking,people can look that up and they would see you as a drinker. You should start using a proper picture and your real name rather than an avatar when you think you are old enough to handle the oppurtunity. Usually your parents or one of your elders would be the right people too turn to when you ask them how to be internet savvy,even a teacher or a person in higher authority. When you register on websites you don't usually use your real name or the age you are or the place you live,because internet pretadors can find you and eventually find where you live and they might ask you too meet them. Myself isn't presented badly online,I think I would have a good footprint. Places you may find me on the web could be on myspace or facebook,but im careful not to put pictures on the web that I dont want people to see.

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