Wednesday, June 2, 2010

final blogging challenge

-most of the blogs were school based on my own opinon, for example the blogging we did about facebook and cell phones, related too me because its something that is an everyday thing for me.
-Comments: most of my blogs didn't get any comments, because usually it wasn't anything important or relates to them.
-I probably enjoyed writing about where i live the most because it shows many ways in which you can have fun, in Wisconsin. For example, when i wrote about Wisconsin Dells that showed an expirience in which many people enjoy doing.
-Yes, i changed blog themes alot because i never could pick the one that i wanted, but then i found one and im sticking to it.
-I have about four widgets, and I don't feel that its to many widgets because it shows what i like, so you can never have enough.

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